Heidi Cardyn
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In most pieces, I try to challenge how we perceive symmetry and the notion of balance in a chaotic and unpredictable world it is we live in. Having grown up in the Eastern Townships, in the rolling fields of the countryside, nature plays a very important part in my process. Feeding off the the beauty and uniqueness we find in the natural phenomenons that surround us, and how we create patterns, lines and figures as borders. My artistic process is one that changes and adapts to the environment in which I am painting. When painting in events where I need to be very neat and time-efficient, I do most of my dirty work before hand and come in with a very good idea of where I want the piece to go, what colour palette and technique I will use and how I will explain it to the public. When I am painting in a more free environment where I can experiment and get wild, I love throwing paint, and objects at the canvas in order to get more of a destructive and tangible feel. In both cases I draw inspiration from human interaction with nature and our notion of environment and structure. I believe that every inch of each piece that I produce should and could be looked at on a 360 degree basis.
Heidi Cardyn
Acrylic PaintCanvas
36" x 28"
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